Mapping soft (keyboard) buttons to (resistive) touch

Andreas Lausch / TBT andreas.lausch at
Tue Aug 20 10:29:55 PDT 2013


I've got a resistive touch screen, where the touch area 
is larger than the display area. I'd like to map "soft (keyboard) buttons" 
(e.g. ESC or num block ENTER) to the area outside of the screen -- similar to 
android's [BACK], [HOME], [MENU] buttons at the bottom.
On the linux-side, the device is handled by AD7879-i2c driver. 
Using xinput_calibrator, I can calibrate the mouse to the "display" area. 

The two main questions are: 
* is there an existing xorg module that can map such "soft buttons" to mouse coordinates? 
* if not, what would be the best starting point for writing code that solves my problem? 

I'd love to do it in X. The "soft button" calibration depends on the touch screen calibration 
and the touch screen calibration depends on the display/GUI, which is handled by X in my case.

so long..

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