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>Subject: screen (intel igp) goes black after logout when using xauth


>I have the following scenario: 

	* a framework that runs a gui program. 

	* group a that all the included users can use that framework 
>in an essence, user x from group a can execute program a1. program a1 
uses sudo to run another program as user a_x which runs a gui program. 
>as the executing user isn't user a_x, I need to use xauth to extract the
 session's X cookie to be able to connect to the X session, after the 
program is done, I remove the X session from the >X cookie using xauth. 

>this works well when I start the program but when I shut it down and logout, the screen stays black. 

>this started when I replaced the previous card (ati, worked without problems) with the intel igp. 

>any ideas? the logs doesn't show any error.

>I'm using kernel 3.10.7 with mesa from git, inter driver version 2.21.14 on a i7-2600 with 16 gb of ram.

>thanks for the help.

no one have an idea in the matter?
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