How to over-ride the autoconfigured Device-section?

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Wed Feb 6 00:11:58 PST 2013

On 2013-02-06 09:47 (GMT+0200) Harald Hannelius composed:

>> and/or
>> to see what I mean.

> That's what I was suspecting as well. This makes it a little tougher since
> I have double monitors and after moving over to using xrandr this got a
> lot easier to configure than before.

> What the log doesn't tell me however, is the Identifier for the
> graphics-card. Or I'm unable to read it from the log.

> There isn't any way to dictate options for the radeon driver, without
> having to handcode sections for monitors and screens as well?

Did you actually open either of those links? On a single display system, 
those 3 files need be as little as 3-6 lines long to function, including 
header, footer and identifier. I should think not all that much more for 
doing the little you want for two displays.
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