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Thomas Dickey dickey at
Fri Feb 8 02:29:51 PST 2013

                            Patch #289 - 2013/02/08

     * revert   the   patch   #282   which   restored  "lost"  text  after
       shrinking/growing  the  screen  size.  If  the  screen  was updated
       between the two resizing operations, unexpected text might be shown
       at the end (report/testcase by Joe Peterson).
     * reverse  the arrow-keys sent for alternateScroll to match the usage
       in browsers (suggested by Dieter Roelants).
     * modify mouse reports to consistently indicate motion events whether
       or not a button is pressed. Old behavior (since patch #127 modified
       encoding  for wheel mouse) showed only that the button was released
       if no button had been pressed (report by Andy Koppe).
     * correct  and improve behavior for SGR 1006 mouse protocol on button
       release  in  any-event  mode.  Initial implementation in patch #277
       left  internal state showing the last button pressed when reporting
       motion  events.  It  now keeps track of all buttons which have been
       pressed and released, showing the lowest remaining button by number
       in the response (reports by Hayaki Saito, Andy Koppe).
     * fix  inconsistency between TermColors and OscTextColors enums which
       interchanged  values  for  tektronix  cursor  color  and  highlight
       foreground  in  control  sequences  in  patch #225 (report/patch by
       Peder Stray).
     * fix  inconsistent  use of noreturn-attribute in Exit function which
       interfered with analysis by clang.
     * remove  incorrect free used in computation of XTERM_SHELL variable,
       from Coverity fixes in patch #288 (FreeBSD #175782).
     * add --with-valgrind option to configure script for consistency with
       my other programs.
     * update  table  of  ambiguous width characters in wcwidth.c based on
       Unicode 6.2.0
     * update  table of combining characters in wcwidth.c based on Unicode
     * update precompose.c based on Unicode 6.2.0

Thomas E. Dickey
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