[ANNOUNCE] 420Linux 0.420 (pre-alpha) for ia32 machines now available for pre-order and early adoption!

animelovin at gmail.com animelovin at gmail.com
Tue Feb 12 12:22:51 PST 2013

Hi guys, 

i'm happy to announce the availability of 420Linux for pre-orders, a brand
new Debian-based distribution offering a blend of scientific
libraries and advanced web development tools for professionals
web programming and server-oriented software carpentry.

Format: DVD or CD available or tarball (2 units!)
Pre-order price: 149.95$ (paypal and interac accepted!)

if interested to pre-order your copy and/or join 
the core dev team you can send a short reply to this
mail or visit :



furthermore if you wish to donate to this project or become a contributor
you may use paypal to send funds to the dev team by making a donation to 
animelovin at gmail.com
btw theres much work left and plenty of opportunities awaiting to produce
a mature product and I'll need properly trained software developers to help 
either in financing the r&d to develop a stable release, thus your help may
make the whole difference in the final result. 

Best regards,


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