need help with Xorg reinitialization ?

bobi l blknnn at
Fri Jan 11 11:45:05 PST 2013

i have this problem with the sound on several linux systems with the same
i think the problem is in the audio chip, if it works for more than 12 hours
the sound distorts making it really unpleasant,
when i used SDL to manage audio, the only solution i got is to reinitialize
the audio every
6 hours or so, this makes the bug disappear.

now i Chrome display data, and the same audio distortion happens in a
browser (chrome under X) playing audio files.
i could not reach the audio subsystem to make it initialize again.

the problem fixes itself if i switch to console (control alt f1), then back
to X
making me think switching back to X makes chrome (or x?) reinitialize whats

i did a search on google but didnt find any answer

so the real question is:
what happens when i switch from X to console, and back
is there an event to which chrome responds, can i simulate this situation
with a program ?
what do i need to send

could you please point me in the right direction

thank you in advance,
Borislav Lukanov
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