Compiling xf86-video-xgi driver for ARM

Jeffrey Langerak jeffrey at
Tue Jan 15 10:00:06 PST 2013


That's what I am starting to conclude as well. Some of the XGI chips are 
supported by the sis driver, should that work for the Z11 as well? My 
information only tells me that it won't go any further than the Z7. Yet 
if X would tell me why the module fails at some point...

I really hate this chip, the device works pretty neat, but the chip is 
impossible to work with...

So my only option is to use fbdev, are there any options in xorg.conf 
that can provide some performance improvements, I've only seen a more 
stable cursor with hwcursor set to on, any further improvements are welcome.

Kind regards,

Jeffrey Langerak

Op 15-01-13 16:45, Alan Coopersmith schreef:
> On 01/15/13 03:58 AM, Jeffrey Langerak wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Sorry for the many emails, but I think I have fixed the problem, there was a
>> patch needed for this error and applied that patch and recompiled the driver.
>> Afterwards there was an error about no devices found, so I moved my xorg.conf to
>> a safe place and restarted lightdm, so X uses it's defaults. That seems to be
>> working withot errors, can someone confirm that the XGI driver is now loaded
>> correctly? (not able to test this currently)
>> [ 10478.408] (II) UnloadModule: "xgi"
>> [ 10478.409] (II) Unloading xgi
>> [ 10478.411] (==) FBDEV(0): Backing store disabled
>> [ 10478.411] (==) FBDEV(0): DPMS enabled
> Looks like it loaded correctly, somehow decided it wasn't going to work (don't
> see any messages stating why), unloaded and fell back to fbdev.
> I'm not sure if the xgi driver has worked in years (or ever worked for that
> matter) - it's not maintained by anyone.

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