X server sets invalid DPI

Radoslaw Szkodzinski astralstorm at gmail.com
Mon Jan 21 12:07:50 PST 2013

It seems that Xorg is no longer setting correct DPI automatically.
There was a long flamewar about this silly behavior on bug tracker here:
As recommended, I'm posting here.

This bug above means any XRandr 1.2 supporting card reports incorrect
DPI to the userland. (e.g. my intel chip)
There is no way to return to correct behavior. The patch providing the
option was ignored.

The only way remaining is to force X server dpi setting with -dpi or
xrandr --dpi.
Could someone actually please fix this misbehavior instead of
insisting it's the correct one?
Bug compatibility with inferior OSes should be optional - and there
are ways to override DPI already available to distros if they want to
be compatible with Windows older than Vista.

Invalid DPI causes issues with Freetype antialiasing and tiny font
sizes on high resolution laptops.
While it is a non-trivial problem in multi-screen case, I think a best
compromise should just be selected instead of forcing an outdated

Radosław Szkodziński

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