X server sets invalid DPI

Nicolas Mailhot nicolas.mailhot at laposte.net
Wed Jan 23 09:38:41 PST 2013

Le Mar 22 janvier 2013 09:39, Steven Newbury a écrit :

> I thought the eventual resolution to the previous flamewars on this
> topic was that the whole idea of an X (DISPLAY) DPI was invalid (due to
> multi-screen and viewing distances) so 96 DPI was chosen as it was the
> default specified by various GUIs.

This was wishful developer thinking (I don't want to fix dpi handling so
I'll pretend the problem does not exist). It's been thoroughly invalidated
now that there are high-density screens on the market (as everyone could
see would happen someday). There is no way a simple configuration like a
low-dpi laptop plugged on a high-dpi screen will work if the presentation
layer does not learn to handle the actual dpi differences between hardware

And there will be another steep pixel density step as soon as 2k video
gets mainstream and devices will be stuck at different density levels
depending on the year they were manufactured.

Nicolas Mailhot

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