XWarpPointer seems doesn't work properly.

Asano, Yasushi yasushi.asano at jp.fujitsu.com
Fri Jan 25 02:07:27 PST 2013

> I checked again, this time a bit different setup to make sure and both
> git
> master and 1.12.4 work fine here. You'll have to debug this (though I
> recommend to check git master first to make sure it hasn't acidentally
> been
> fixed).
> If the event coordinates are correct but the sprite doesn't update, the
> issue is likely somewhere in positionSprite (dix/getevents.c), or
> miPointerUpdateSprite in mieqProcessInputEvents.
> Changing the sleep time will have no effect on this bug, so you can reduce
> it for debugging if you need to.
> Cheers,
>    Peter

Thank you for your confirmation again.
As you pointed out, I tried to find same problem on git master but I couldn't find it.
I see. I will try to see what is happening on the positionSprite or miPointerUpdateSprite.

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