(*pDamage->damageMarker) Crashes

prudhvi raj prudhviraj.v at gmail.com
Sun Jan 27 05:31:16 PST 2013

In Xorg-1.12.0, in a random scenario Xorg server crashes
in damageRegionProcessPending (DrawablePtr pDrawable)
{src/miext/damage/damage.c} when the (*pDamage->damageMarker) call is made.

/* submit damage marker whenever possible. */
if (pDamage->damageMarker)
    *(*pDamage->damageMarker) (pDrawable, pDamage, &pDamage->backupDamage,
&pDamage->pendingDamage, pDamage->closure);*

But pDamage->damageMarker is initialized with NULL in DamageCreate
function, and there after no explicit function assignment is found in the
source. Not clear who has assigned a valid function to

This (*pDamage->damageMarker) call crashes explicitly when it a call
initiated from CloseDownClient () calls this.

Can some one throw any light, on the purpose of pDamage->damageMarker
function and what is it supposed to do? and who should be using it?
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