[Shotwell] Some photos not importing/copying?

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Fri May 10 14:49:11 PDT 2013

> I meant Shotwell can't reorganize your files after they've been imported.
> When you're importing and copying files (not in-place), Shotwell will
> organize files into directories by the photos' dates.  See Edit ->
> Preferences for different ways to organize by date when importing.

Got it, thanks Jim.

- Grant

> Not by name but by date. Shotwell does this currently right? The problem
> with importing in place is it doesn't have this functionality. Yes, by date,
> that's what I meant.
> I'm a little confused. You said: "If you want Shotwell to copy in your
> photos and organize them in directories by name, that is also something we'd
> like to offer but don't have today." But since you meant date instead of
> name, did you mean to say Shotwell doesn't have the ability to organize
> items in directories by date? It does seem to do exactly that here. - Grant

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