Intel driver not detecting device

Fredrik Tolf fredrik at
Thu May 16 17:44:55 PDT 2013

Dear list,

The Xorg server has suddenly stopped working with my Intel GPU, and I'm a 
bit baffled as to why. The driver just tells me "No devices detected", 
even though it used to work perfectly well.

The device is a Sandy Bridge GPU built into the CPU, and I'm using it 
mainly as a secondary device to power a TV, so I'm not terribly 
inconvenienced, but still quite baffled. Does anyone have any idea why 
this might happen?

For reference, here are the log output of a failed start, the relevant 
parts of my xorg.conf and the output of `lspci -v', respectively:

The Intel GPU can be seen at 00:02.0. The CPU is a Core i5-2400, so the 
GPU should be an HD Graphics 2000, if I'm not mistaken. Its numberic ID is 
8086:0102 and the subsystem ID is 1043:844D, in case it matters.

Thanks for reading!


Fredrik Tolf

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