how to send data to Xorg.log and XQueryPointer crash

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Wed May 22 08:00:23 PDT 2013

Hi Peter,
>>         XQueryPointer(dpy,rootwin,None,None,&mousex,&mousey,None,None,None); // problem...
>none of these may be NULL (or None, which is just 0 anyway). you do need to
>provide some valid pointers here.

well, yesterday I tried with all pointers settled, X crashed. Today I try again, 
        // where is my mouse ?
        int             wx, wy;
        int             rootx, rooty;
        Window          theRoot, theChild;
        unsigned int    status;


and now it works. I didn't try (yet) to read datasfrom pointers but XQueryPointerreturn true. I guess I did some bullshit yesterday...

>>         while(stop==0) {
>>                 XNextEvent(dpy, &e);
>>                 if(e.type==Expose && e.xexpose.count<1) {
>>                 XFlush(dpy);
>>                 }
>>                 switch(e.type){
>>                         case KeyRelease         : stop=1;break;
>>                 }
>>         }
>>         XFreeCursor(dpy,theCursor);
>>         XCloseDisplay(dpy);
>>         return 0;
>> }
>> but, when I'm running it, X exits without complains.
>are you saying your X server crashes when you run this? that shouldn't
>happen and would certainly be a bug.

no this part is fine, I'm using it on some others tests I running, the crash occured at this line :


for me setting a pointer to None, NULL, it's like sending data to the biggest trashcan of the universe, I guess I'm wrong...

>The Xorg.log is only for the X server, you're writing a client application
>and can't access it.


Thanks for all Peter.

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