[ANNOUNCE] xf86-video-intel 2.99.906

Chris Wilson chris at chris-wilson.co.uk
Wed Nov 13 02:02:18 PST 2013

Snapshot 2.99.906 (2013-11-13)
Several stability fixes required after the recent tweaking of the core
mechanics to handle the updated TearFree and attempting to make static
analyzers happy.

 * Fix damage handling when rendering to a partially damaged GPU surface.
   Regression in 2.99.905

 * Use asprintf() instead of sprintf()
   Regression in 2.99.905

 * Improve accounting for fence overallocation on older gen2/3, and
   improve the tiling mechanism to fit into the same aperture constraints

 * Add an extra GPU flush on Sandybridge to fix some rare font corruption

 * Rasterise lines through all clip boxes

 * Fix regression from stricter handling of failures to move a GC to the GPU
   Regression in 2.99.905

 * Fix various fail along the memcpy_xor paths, including inadequate error
   handling and integer overflow

 * Fix outside-of-target stipple uploads

 * Fix clip detection for long glyphs
   Incomplete bug fix (causing a regression) in 2.99.905

 * Fix VSync for the render engine (Xv) on Haswell

Complete list of changes since 2.99.905

Chris Wilson (113):
      sna: Reset bo after allocation failure during wait-for-shadow
      man: Describe the TearFree option
      Revert "sna: Remove the move-to-gpu shortcircuiting for partial GPU, no CPU damage"
      sna: Remove the move-to-gpu shortcircuiting for partial GPU, no CPU damage
      sna: Fix canonical mode name to correctly use asprintf
      sna: Do not apply drawable offsets to DamageRegionAppend
      man: State the negative aspects of TearFree
      man: Mention the new default accel
      sna/io: Wrap the XOR upload paths with SIGBUS handling
      sna/io: Propagate failure to XOR uploads
      sna: Add a line of DBG for when we discard uploads into CPU bo
      sna: Fix overallocation of fences for BLT commands (gen2/3)
      sna: Remove stale mappings when replacing GPU bo
      sna: Don't assert indirect GPU state
      sna: Trim usuable fenced aperture by unfenced usage
      sna: Handle transient TearFree flip failures
      sna: Fallthrough to opportunistic flushing after aperture checks
      sna: Use page-count for mappable aperture size
      sna: Leave extra room in the mappable aperture for fence alignment
      sna: Defer opportunistic flush if all bo are current on the GPU
      sna: Account for extra guard pages around snooped BO in aperture checks
      sna: And be pessimistic when checking aperture limits
      sna: Tidy RegionNil checks
      sna: Quieten a couple of valgrind warnings about unknown ioctls
      sna: Try harder to complete writes
      sna: Don't attempt to move the GC back to the GPU before it is moved away
      sna: asserts bitmap uploads are correct
      sna: Check for retired upload buffers after checking for an idle ring
      sna: Perform an explicit retire for old active upload buffers
      sna: Always run the retire_buffers during ring_idle
      sna: Handle deferred retiring of active-buffers
      sna: Remove an overzealous assert
      sna: Fix assertion checks for fake flushing requests
      sna/gen7: Refactor BYT vsync using IVB routines
      sna: Wrap access of upload buffers with sigtrap
      sna: Check for wedged after submitting
      sna: Queue retirement when placing a BO on the deferred flushing list
      sna: Detect and handle mi recursion
      sna: Assert that the batch is in the correct mode prior to inserting BLT commands
      Revert "sna: Detect and handle mi recursion"
      sna: Allow limited recursion within sigtrapped routines
      sna: Tweak deletion of used buffers
      sna/gen6: Tweak flush around CC state changes
      sna/gen7: Flush render cache when changing CC state
      sna: Scale uses of aperture_mappable by PAGE_SIZE
      sna/gen7: Undo overzealous flushing
      sna: Process all clip boxes when rastering segments
      sna: Guard the replace-with-xor fallback path
      sna: Fallback when wedged and trying to use the BLT copy routines
      Prepare for changes in the BLT unit on future generations
      sna: Tweak estimate of maximum usable aperture for strict fencing
      sna: Add some more asserts around inactive VMA lists
      sna: Jump to the right escape target when bypassing a self-copy
      sna: Eliminate the redundancy between is_mappable/can_map
      sna: Discard bo->exec when unwinding a glyph no-op
      sna: Wrap staging buffer access with sigtrap handler
      sna: Use fast-path target placement if we are also IGNORE_CPU
      sna: Use the unoptimized pwrite for general buffers
      sna: Rename the two variants of pwrite so very relative dangers are obvious
      sna: Only destroy the old GPU after successfully replacing it
      sna: Remove the replace indirection prior to performing write_boxes
      sna: Update DBG formats for larger BO offset integers
      sna: Only use the simple stipple upload path if wholly contained
      sna: Apply the BLT source offset for individual copies
      sna: Promote uint16_t to a full int to avoid overflow in computing w*h in memcpy_xor
      sna: s/active/busy/ to silence compiler warning
      sna: Check for loss of state after setting up a fill BLT op
      sna: Be move conservative with tiling sizes for older fenced gen
      sna: Use an inplace exchange for large untiled BO
      sna: Clear snoop flag after converting from a CPU bo
      sna: Submit execution on the bo before changing its caching status
      sna: Mark partial move_area_to_gpu with MOVE_READ on promotion to move_to_gpu
      sna: Trim the overestimate of required aperture space for fence alignment
      sna: Only operate inplace if no existing CPU damage for a read
      sna: Be more pessimistic for tiling sizes on older gen
      sna: Clear the execlist if we completely unwind a batch after using 8x8 tiling
      sna: Move initialisation of loop counter to common code
      sna: Clear the execlist if we completely unwind a batch after using 8x8 tiling
      sna: Fixup unwind checks for future BLT commands
      sna: Fences are power-of-two sizes
      sna: Trim create flags if tiled sizes are too large
      sna: Use tiling BLT fallback for BLT composite operations
      sna: Add a DBG breadcrumb to kgem_bo_convert_to_gpu()
      sna: Remove erroneous assertion from sna_tiling_blt_composite
      sna: Always copy from the tile source
      sna/gen7: Request secure batches for Haswell vsync
      sna: Only assert that the bo is small enough to be mmapped
      sna: Skip an unmappable linear bo when searching through a cache for a GTT mapping
      sna: Always schedule upload buffers for retirement after use
      intel-virtual-output: Add some DBG for bad_visual()
      intel-virtual-output: Check for pending events before skipping draw
      intel-virtual-output: Perform an explicit sync
      intel-virtual-output: Add DBG for the latest XSync
      intel-virtual-output: Disable event tracking after a failure
      intel-virtual-output: Tighten bad_visual() checks
      intel-virtual-output: Fix forced synchronisation of clones
      intel-virtual-output: Only track the most recent visibility status of the cursor
      sna: Assert that we do setup the gc->pCompositeClip upon ValidateGC
      intel-virtual-output: Do not hide the cursor on the local/source display
      intel-virtual-output: Avoid the infinite loop around XPending
      sna: Add a couple more asserts to track a potential NULL gc->pCompositeClip
      sna: Assert that gc->funcs is never set to NULL
      intel-virtual-output: Fix cut'n'paste DBG error
      intel-virtual-output: Fix format specifiers for Visual DBG
      xvmc: Handle allocation failure around batch submission
      sna: Apply drawable offset to glyph bbox prior to checking for clipping
      sna: Factor available memory into available aperture estimation
      Add identification strings for new Atoms
      intel-virtual-output: Manually adjust screen size
      sna: Discard cached upload proxy when writing to the pixmap via the CPU
      Bump experimental ioctl command numbers
      2.99.906 snapshot

Rémi Cardona (1):
      configure: Use proper variables set by PKG_CHECK_MODULES

git tag: 2.99.906

MD5:  877a95ffb360d6154f9327a9e1e9a196  xf86-video-intel-2.99.906.tar.bz2
SHA1: fc4dd1f43a93487e2a2aff7b7cba243da03ffa09  xf86-video-intel-2.99.906.tar.bz2
SHA256: 2d9343ce0257f82612ab6cb4a18ebfdcb2bc76a226d8442b2f7f210cc4f63cd6  xf86-video-intel-2.99.906.tar.bz2

MD5:  8e366ba6166e805e20179fba2e8f1fb6  xf86-video-intel-2.99.906.tar.gz
SHA1: 05ac2dcb711a45d9b7435194befe0fc5da437672  xf86-video-intel-2.99.906.tar.gz
SHA256: a1a1100fdcfbeb01172ac7703bae6543f44992beaa43ce45e33697f0cc43321d  xf86-video-intel-2.99.906.tar.gz

Chris Wilson, Intel Open Source Technology Centre
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