mouse acceleration profiles

westlake westlake2012 at
Tue Nov 19 18:34:39 PST 2013

Thanks for the feedback, but a little question here of wonder because 
I'm hitting like a bug in KDE, and this bugreport is a bit dormant..

anyone have a clue if this can be a bug related to the X server?

I can't tell for sure whether it's X or KDE ( I believe more-so it's an 
KDE problem because it doesn't occurr to me in GNOME )


I'd like to thank Peter H. and Simon T. for their prior feedback of the 
less informed details related to this issue I'm currently facing.. 
Anyone feel free to add what you think can be the problem..

Could it possibly have to do with a bug in the X server?

I have spoken on a kde mailing list with someone who mentions that if 
the 'mousing' cursor jumps as indicated then to file it as a bug. All I 
know is I've done everything to ensure it's no windowy effects of that 
sort because the symptom is very consistent and testable here on this 
Linux system..

I'm willing to give a little cash prize for anyone who can help me fix 
this!!! I really need this setting!!! :))

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