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Gene Heskett gheskett at
Wed Nov 20 09:46:20 PST 2013

Due to some conflicts which I have not been able to run down, I ave a pair 
of Intel D-525MW boards running some cnc machinery, that must have the 
libgl-mesa-swx11 packages installed else no usb cameras actully work.

The lspci for the video is:
00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation N10 Family Integrated 
Graphics Controller (rev 02)

An i915 based setup i believe.  Using the gfx driver that comes with the 
2.6.32-122-rtai kernel, the only one we can presently run on these realtime 
controlling machines.

But an accessory piece of software for these applications must have the std 
libgl stuff installed or it won't compile.

But when I install that long enough to build halio.c, then revert to the 
libgl-mesa-swx11 stuff so the cameras work, the resultant miss-match makes 
halio spit out this error and die:

** ( WARNING **: 
/usr/local/lib/camunits/ undefined symbol: gluOrtho2D

That is a single line in halio.c that looks like this:
    gluOrtho2D(0,w, 0, h);

Where I believe the w and h are the dimensions of the overlay window 
describing all 4 corners.

Is there a compatible call for systems that are forced to use the libgl-
mesa-swx11 stuff in place of the non swx11 versions?  Something I could 
edit into this file, and then build it while running the swx11-dev versions 
of all this?

Thank you very much for any assistance.

Cheers, Gene
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