ANN: xterm-298

Thomas Dickey dickey at
Wed Nov 27 01:13:15 PST 2013


                            Patch #298 - 2013/11/27

     * quiet  a  warning  about  ambiguity  when -h command-line option is
       parsed,  since  -help  is used rather than the options mentioned in
       the message. This warning was caused by fixes in patch #272.
     * remove  an  extra  check  for keypad-mode which interfered with the
       patch #280 modifyKeyboard feature for the numeric keypad (report by
       David Conners).
     * change  default for assumeAllChars resource (Debian #725682). There
       are unresolved issues with Terminus fonts, e.g., Debian #722017.
     * add  -report-fonts  command-line option and reportFonts resource to
       optionally  report  the  fonts  which are loaded, and their metrics
       such as the number of missing glyphs.
     * work  around  Xcursor library to make pointerColor resource work as
       documented (Debian #466704, analysis by Vincent Lefevre).
     * amend  change  from patch #297 for ASCII-equivalents to ensure that
       missing  characters  which  happen to be double-width are padded to
       the  expected  number  of columns. Also, correct the choice between
       normal/wide  Xft  fonts  used  when checking for missing characters
       (reported by WU Yue, Debian #728949, Gentoo #491334).
     * modify  sixel-graphics  drawing  to  account  for  scrollbar  width
       (report by Mario Edelmann).
     * fix  remaining  issue  with  DECNRCM; the British character set was
       confused with ISO Latin-1 (report by Hayaki Saito).
     * build-fix for --disable-boxchars configure option.
     * updated configure macros, from ongoing work on lynx and ncurses.
     * update config.guess, config.sub

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