synaptics and ALPS DualPoint TouchPad

Jethro Tull heavytull at
Sun Sep 8 11:27:22 PDT 2013

The ALPS DualPoint TouchPad synaptics in linux is way too sensitive. To check it one only needs to put on finger on it and near another one, he'll notice that even ~1 cm far the second finger will make the pointer on the screen vibrating. It seems to be really an issue with the driver rather than settings. If a high value is given to FingerHigh parameter it will make the activation of the pointer harder for the finger but as soon as the pointer is under finger control, the second finger proximity influence is exactly the same. Another annoying effect of this too high sensitivity is that when scrolling with two fingers, the fingers need to to be separated with nearly 7 mm minimum, otherwise it seems to see only one finger.

Though ALPS touchpad seems not well designed, this issue comes from the linux synaptics driver since this touchpad works much better in windows. In windows, even when the two finger are tightly in contact scrolling works.
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