keyboard action under X

Harry Putnam reader at
Fri Sep 27 14:55:55 PDT 2013

Troy Korjuslommi <tjk at> writes:


>> My setup:
>> Keyboard is 104 key english... A cheapo Logitech k120 new.
>> Older PC (intel P4)
>> Running Debian (testing)
>> LXDE desktop in xorg
>> Keyboard Newish 104 key cheapo Logiteck K120
>> Briefly put: On my keyboard I see, what is to me, unusual behavior
>> when I press what is labeled as ALT on the left or right of space bar,
>> followed by just about any other letter while in an xterm.  In my case
>> it is the real "Thomas Dickey" xterm, not one of the pretenders.
>> Example is Alt+x: `ø'
>>            Alt+=: `½'
>> so I'm getting what one might expect from an alt_gr key.

> Edit ${HOME}/XTerm and add the following lines:
> *vt100.altIsNotMeta: true
> *vt100.altSendsEscape: true
> Then start a new xterm.
> Troy

Thank you, thank you.  That does the job.

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