ANN: xterm-314

Thomas Dickey dickey at
Sun Dec 28 17:37:01 PST 2014


                            Patch #314 - 2014/12/28

     * fix  a minor bug in the termcap-specific version of resize when the
       lines  or  columns  values  are  at  the  very end of an incomplete
       termcap string (prompted by coverity report).
     * improve paste64 feature (report by Olaf Rogalsky)
          + fix "p;" command in example.
          + modify  _OwnSelection  to  allow  the paste64 control to cause
            primary/clipboard selections to be disowned and cleared.
          + omit an extra "=" used in padding, to make the base64 response
            a multiple of four characters.
          + modify  _ConvertSelectionHelper  to  not  stop  converting  on
            embedded  nulls  in  the  primary or clipboard selection. That
            makes  the behavior consistent with cut-buffers. Nulls are not
            passed  on  to  the  application  because  they  are  used for
            separators  in  the X library calls that convert XTextProperty
     * add  configure  option  --with-man2html  to allow an alternative to
       groff's man/html conversion.
     * review  and  modify  resource-settings which can be set via control
       sequences, etc:
          + add  OSC 6,  to  enable/disable  colors set via OSC 5, without
            changing  the  color  assignments  (prompted  by patch by Ingo
          + add command-line option -itc for italics.
          + add colorIT and colorITMode for italics, like colorBD, etc.
          + guard allowPasteControls against modification by editres.
     * change  passedPty  from fixed-length to allocated to ensure that it
       is  long  enough  to  hold  the  -S  option  value  (report  by Ben
     * improve ReGIS graphics initialization (Ross Combs):
          + add a new string resource to set the default ReGIS font.
          + fix  a  caching  problem where the font name wasn't taken into
            consideration when looking up cached metrics.
          + enables use of fractional values in coordinates (which in turn
            allows setting the coordinates to something like [0,1][1,0])
          + doubles the minimum ReGIS graphic to 200x200
          + set the default ReGIS image size to "auto"
          + fix some swapped width/height parameters in TRACE messages
          + add support for scaling and mirrored coordinate systems to the
            screen address command
          + sets  a  minimum  ReGIS  graphics  size  of 100x100 -- smaller
            address ranges will be scaled up
          + reset  the  image if either the width or height is zero (which
            should  happen together or not at all, but switching the logic
            gets rid of some parentheses)
          + adds  support  for alternate screen coordinates (just offsets,
            not inverted coordinates or scaling)
          + keeps  the  graphics  state across ReGIS calls unless P1 or P3
            entry codes are used
          + changes  loops  to  continue after parsing whitespace to allow
            trailing whitespace
          + fixes some incorrect character casts

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