resetting server without loosing clients?

Steven Feil sfeil at
Fri Feb 21 15:43:24 PST 2014

Is there a way to reset/restart the Xorg server without killing the
programs that are clients of the server? 

I have an "Amish" laptop that I mess around with that has a Neomagic
NM2160 video chip. The only diver that works is the vesa
driver. Somewhere, there is a sort of bug that makes the screen
difficult to read. Most of the time the computer is fine, because the
bug is triggered only by certain events.  The only thing I have found
to make the screen readable again is to kill the xorg server and start
it again.

Is there a way (such as sending a signal) to make server initialize the
card again and re-read any config files (if any)?  Or possibily, is
there some a way will keep the clients alive (similar to nohup) and
allow me to reattach them to the server once it is restarted?

Any help will be appreciated.

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