resetting server without loosing clients?

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Please be aware, if you use the Script, place a password you want to use for vnc login into vncpasswd file, read about the -passwdfile option in the x11vnc documentation. You can the entire script into a file and run it with Bash. You can edit the lines that start the panel and window manager

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On 22/02/14 08:41, Glynn Clements wrote:
> Steven Feil wrote:
>> Is there a way to reset/restart the Xorg server without killing the
>> programs that are clients of the server? 
> No.
>> Or possibily, is
>> there some a way will keep the clients alive (similar to nohup) and
>> allow me to reattach them to the server once it is restarted?
> You could use VNC, i.e. have the clients connect to Xvnc and have the
> real X server run the VNC viewer (in full-screen mode) as its sole
> client.
Or xpra ("screen for X"), or NX, in which case you don't need to run
full screen.
> The main downside is performance, as Xvnc uses software rendering and
> cannot take delegate rendering to the video hardware.
>For games and such you can use VirtualGL (works for both VNC and xpra),
>hardware video decoding will still be missing, but for everything else I
>don't think you will ever notice the difference in rendering
>performance: the network/local pixel forwarding and client rendering is
>much more costly than that.


I Would recommend Xvfb and x11vnc rather than Xvnc. 
Many X apps will not run on Xvnc since it does not support some newer X 
extensions. Especially Qt apps.

Here is an example script:
Xvfb :2 -screen 0 1015x690x24 &
sleep 6
x11vnc -nevershared -display :2 -forever -passwdfile vncpasswd &
#export DISPLAY

sleep 3

eval `$DBUSLAUNCH --sh-syntax --exit-with-session`

eval $(gnome-keyring-daemon --start --components=secrets)

 xfce4-panel &
#lxpanel --profile LXDE &
#sawfish &
openbox &
sleep 2

konsole &
#startkde &

while :; do 
sleep 20000
echo "tick"

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