x11 forwarding through ssh, visualization problem

Daniel Juncu juncu.d at gmail.com
Mon Feb 24 03:30:55 PST 2014


I am running an application (Matlab 2013b) on a remote machine (CentOS 6.5)
forwarded by X11 to my machine (Ubuntu 12.04) through ssh and have the
following problem:

*When I open extra windows within the application (editor, figure), these
windows are somehow 'invisible' to the cursor.. i.e. i can move them to the
front using the drag&drop bar, but if I click into them i select only the
main window which is directly behind. *
I didn't have this problem until the server got updated (both Matlab and
CentOS), but other users (also ubuntu) don't have this problem.

I am not sure where this problem stems from and i apologize if this problem
is not related to xorg.
But I appreciate any advice on how to solve this problem. Thanks!

Regards, Daniel
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