Multiseat hardware accelerated setup with one graphics card.

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> Hi all,
> I am interested in making a multiseat gaming system with only one  
> graphics card.  As of now, I have a two terminal system, >one of which  
> is capable of playing games requiring opengl.  The other is just a web  
> browser.  I just wanted to share what >I've done, what I'm thinking, and  
> ask for input from those here who know more than me.
> Multiseat set ups on only one graphics card must rely on Xephyr, which  
> does not do hardware accelerated opengl (not sure if >this is true),  
> thus games will not run through Xephyr.
> Use xorg.conf to set up two distinct screens.
An other way is to use Gnome 3.8> with systemd204> As long as you use open  
drivers it works

I don't know if it works with only one card, but if #loginctl seat-status  
shows two graphics devices, it should. (you can try with a live Fedora  

When you need proprietary drivers you can patch the xserver

good luck,

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