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Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Wed Jun 4 22:46:42 PDT 2014

Lots of good fixes here. I think we're essentially ready to close the
non-critical bug window at this point.

I'll leave it officially open over the weekend to see if we can't scare
up some review for a few pending patches that haven't yet been
merged. I'm also hoping to see Glamor working well for Radeon and while
those could be considered 'critical' at some level, I'd be happy to get
those merged soon. And, there are a few pending patches for Present
which I haven't merged as they interact with one bug fix that had been
pending for a long time and has finally been merged.

In any case, the code is looking pretty good at this point, and as we've
got a pile of stuff backed up behind the release, I sure don't want to
delay that past the current scheduled date.

Go forth and test, and see about helping finish up the issues mentioned

Adam Jackson (9):
      dri1: Don't bother asking the loader about drmGetLibVersion
      shadowfb: Port to miext/damage (#31303, #65547)
      xres: Fix size estimation for <8bpp pixmaps (#69057)
      xfixes: Forbid manipulating clip for source-only pictures (#28968)
      dmx: Fix memory leak in dmxBELoadFont (#50281)
      glxproxy: Fix memory leak on error path in CreateGLXPixmap (#50281) (v2)
      shadowfb: Fix initialization
      glx: Require at least one True/DirectColor visual
      configure: Require sufficiently new wayland-client for xwayland ddx

Alan Coopersmith (1):
      dmxConfigCanvasUpdate: Delay dereference until after checking for NULL

Alexey Brodkin (1):
      ARC: Add support for ARC architecture

Anthony Waters (1):
      glamor: Fix coordinates handling for composite source/mask pictures

Brendan King (3):
      fb: fix screen pixmap leak on server reset
      dix: reference the cursor just once in InitializeSprite()
      dix: fix pixmap leak on server reset

Chris Wilson (2):
      xfree86: Report DRI3 as a built-in module
      xfree86: Report Present as a built-in module

Dave Airlie (1):
      rrcrtc: brackets are hard, lets go shopping.

Dominik Behr (1):
      xf86RandR12: use correct gamma size when allocating gamma table

Eric Anholt (17):
      os: Initialize the set of signals to be suppressed during our handler.
      glamor: Fix accelerated rendering of GTK's ARGB vs xBGR composites.
      glamor: Fix a missing set of the GL context.
      glx: Move the GLX variable caching what GL context is current to dix.
      glx: Move GLX MakeCurrent lastGLContext updates next to makeCurrent().
      glx: Unconditionally clear lastGLContext on loseCurrent().
      glx: Refactor DRI2CopyRegion calls.
      glx: Make sure that DRI2/swrast calls haven't changed the GL context.
      glamor: Use lastGLContext to coordinate the context with GLX.
      glamor: Stop unsetting the EGL context in put_context().
      glamor: Replace glamor_get/put_context() with just glamor_make_current().
      glamor: Explain the weird EGL_NO_CONTEXT code.
      glamor: Do the same MakeCurrent(None) for GLX as we do for EGL.
      glamor: Move a make_current before the first GL call entrypoint.
      Add a command line argument for disabling indirect GLX.
      glamor: Stop disabling asserts by default.
      glamor: Don't forget to check whether we can fall back in polysegment.

Frank Binns (1):
      xfixes: disable cursor on X server reset

Gaetan Nadon (1):
      test: create a link to the generated hw/xfree86/sdksyms.c at build time

Guillem Jover (4):
      Xorg: Add Xorg.wrap to hw/xfree86/.gitignore
      Xorg.wrap: Use <drm.h> instead of hardcoding libdrm include path
      Xorg.wrap: Clarify error messages
      Xorg.wrap: Make the console check portable

Hans de Goede (2):
      man/Makefile.am: Fix Xorg.wrap.man Xwrapper.config.man missing from make dist
      Xorg.wrap manpages: use __appmansuffix__ instead of hardcoding 1

Jamey Sharp (3):
      DRI2SwapBuffers: Don't reuse swap_target variable.
      DRI2SwapBuffers: Fix uninitialized target SBC.
      Make glamor build with --enable-debug.

Jasper St. Pierre (1):
      dixfonts: Turn a missing directory ErrorF into a DebugF

Jeremy Huddleston Sequoia (4):
      XQuartz: Ensure we wait for the server thread to terminate
      XQuartz: Bump to 2.7.7
      XQuartz: Dead code removal (ENABLE_DEBUG_LOG)
      XQuartz: Update logic to account for title bar on every display in Mavericks

Jon TURNEY (2):
      hw/xwin: Update for __glXLastContext -> lastGLContext
      configure: Restore DEFAULT_LOGDIR to xwin-config.h, it is used

Julien Cristau (3):
      configure: fix help text for dmx
      configure: require fontsproto 2.1.3 for pointer typedef removal
      configure: require xproto 7.0.26 for pointer typedef removal

Keith Packard (19):
      glamor: Always allocate precisely the requested pixmap size
      test: [v2] Validate server log reading more carefully in signal-logging test
      kdrive: Explicitly ignore errors from the -switchCmd script
      kdrive: Ignore failure to chown console tty to current user
      os: Clear the -displayfd option after closing the file
      os: FatalError if -displayfd writes fail
      os: Make sure that writing our pid to the lock file actually worked
      os: Ignore log file write failures
      xkb: Verify reads of compiled keymap header and TOC
      shadowfb: Fix compilation errors
      glamor: Wire alpha to 1 for pictures without alpha bits
      glamor: Add glamor_transfer based glamor_get_image and glamor_put_image
      hw/xfree86: Restore API compatibility for cursor loading functions
      hw/xfree86: Video Driver ABI version 18.0
      glamor: Fix uxa-entry point for ImageText16
      glamor: Work around libXfont when it fails to use defaultChar
      glamor: Publish change_window_attributes and copy_window
      present: Queue flips for later execution
      Update to version

Kristian Høgsberg (5):
      xwayland: Build without GLX extension
      xwayland: Build without xshmfence
      configure.ac: Remove check for WAYLAND_SCANNER_RULES
      xwayland: Remove left-over ErrorF logging
      .gitignore: Add new autotools file 'test-driver'

Laércio de Sousa (3):
      xfree86: allow fallback to PCI bus probe for graphics devices on non-seat0 X servers (#66851)
      xfree86: add short description about MatchSeat key in xorg.conf man page
      xfree86: fix warnings after MatchSeat patch

Max Filippov (1):
      xtensa: add support for xtensa architecture

Michal Srb (2):
      input: Remove invalid bug checks.
      dri2: Fix detection of wrong prime_id in GetScreenPrime.

Michel Dänzer (3):
      glamor: Add remaining header files to SOURCES
      glx: If DRI2GetBuffers changes the GL context, call it again
      glamor: Fix memory leak in _glamor_copy_n_to_n()

Oleg Samarin (1):
      xfree86: add new key MatchSeat to xorg.conf sections "Device", "Screen", and "ServerLayout"

Peter Harris (2):
      fb: Fix origin of source picture in fbGlyphs
      composite: Fix memory leak in compCopyWindow

Peter Hutterer (9):
      dix: remove a now-superfluous comment
      systemd-logind: let the logind code decided whether to close an fd
      mi: start calculating the sprite trace from the first child of root
      Xi: don't copy a DeviceEvent into an InternalEvent
      config: revert quirk for the Evoluent Vertical Mouse
      os: automatically switch to sigsafe logging when needed
      xfree86: fix wrong DontZap documentation (#71113)
      man: drop specific mention of DontZap in -retro (#71113)
      mi: don't process events from disabled devices (#77884)

Ray Strode (2):
      dbus: don't dispatch dbus events on select() EINTR
      selinux: don't checkout for AVCs on select() EINTR

Rob Clark (2):
      default to stub int10 implementation on arm
      int10: fix build error

Robert Ancell (3):
      os: Add -displayfd into -help text
      Fix overflow checking extension versions
      Fix overflow checking extension versions

Robert Morell (3):
      randr: Fix crash for NULL swap dispatch procs
      randr: Fix size checks for SetProvider* reqs
      randr: Implement RandR 1.4 request swapping

Steven McDonald (1):
      Xi: block SIGIOs while copying device classes around

Søren Sandmann (1):
      xfree86: Add "modesetting" to list of fallback drivers

Thierry Reding (1):
      xfree86: int10: Fix build on ARM

YunQiang Su (1):
      Fix hw/xfree86/common/compiler.h for mips64

Zhigang Gong (1):
      glamor: Fallback to system memory when fail to allocate one big fbo.

git tag: xorg-server-

MD5:  f2b746094e708c41bc28cf545624d16b  xorg-server-
SHA1: 6da8b2917966a877d679807aee51e129034acc76  xorg-server-
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SHA256: a7bc134a68f97e513fc0b408f02293f2af8866c486690bdda08f8b47660532e8  xorg-server-

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