[ANNOUNCE] xf86-video-intel 2.99.912

Chris Wilson chris at chris-wilson.co.uk
Tue Jun 10 01:01:01 PDT 2014

Snapshot 2.99.912 (2014-06-10)
A final round of features. We have everything from support for variable
cursor sizes, support for the DRI3 and Present extensions, improved DRI2
support, support for Xserver 1.16, userptr from kernel 3.16, and
precursory support for DP multistream transport,

 * Avoid discarding dirty pixels when promoting a migration to cover the
   whole pixmap.
   Regression in 2.99.911

 * Avoid overextending degenerate lines (and consequentially accessing
   pixels outside of our damaged area).

 * Fix subpixel glyph rendering on gen2 devices (830-865 chipsets)
   Regression in 2.99.911

 * Share the global pixman glyph cache between ZaphodHeads

 * Light up all connected outputs, even if their status is unknown, on
   takeover from fbcon. This prevents loss of display after a resume
   on recent kernels, for example.

 * Show the video overlay (when supported by the hardware) across all

 * Do not discard damage when performing "BLT" spans inplace with the CPU.
   Regression from 2.20.10

 * Avoid discarding IO buffers too early during their preparation for a
   new batch

 * Fix fallback handling for displaying large scaled framebuffers (that
   are too large to be scaled by the GPU in a single pass)

 * Listen to external modifications of backlight value and propagate
   the notifications to RandR clients. This should make the GUI report
   ACPI keypresses to change the backlight correctly.

 * UXA: fix pageflips with 3 heads.

 * UXA: do not report a BadMatch error for DRI2GetMsc - as clients are
   often unprepared and die when they get the unexpected error.

Complete list of changes since 2.99.911

Adam Jackson (1):
      configure: Don't link the driver against libX11

Chris Wilson (287):
      intel: Refactor finding device path if unknown
      intel: Do not close server fds
      sna: Only enable cursor support if the hw cursor is supported
      sna: Eliminate a few conditionals in glyph fast path
      sna: Consolidate handling of uncacheable glyphs
      sna: Remove one conditional from rendering glyphs into a mask
      intel-virtual-output: Do not detach with DBG enabled
      intel-virtual-output: Add a little more DBG around damaging clones
      intel-virtual-output: Fix damage iteration over active list
      sna: Print probed maximum cursor size
      intel-virtual-output: Add DBG option to force 16 bit transfers
      sna: Tighten detection of GCs that translate to solid fills
      sna: Move cursor reload into crtc notify
      sna: Support variable sized cursors
      sna: Clear the surrounding areas of small cursors
      sna: Reorder the cursor cache search
      sna: Cursors only need to be cleared when they are shrunk
      sna: Fix 2-color to ARGB cursor conversion
      sna: RefCursor is too recent
      sna: drmGetCap is too recent for our supported versions of libdrm
      sna: Cursors are invariant
      sna: Virtual CRTCs are last, so break loops early
      sna: Our cursors are always square.
      sna: Only transform the temporary cursor coordinates
      sna: Suppress a compiler warning
      sna: Search cursor cache first
      sna: Regularly check that damage does exceed the pixmap
      sna: Promote to the GPU operations that cover the whole pixmap
      sna: Discard damage tracking for operations to the whole pixmap
      sna: Allow reassignment of inactive VMA if not mapped into the GTT
      sna: Use a cheaper check for a replacement operation
      sna: Fix predicate inversion for assertion
      sna: Update tiling flags after reusing inactive VMA
      sna: Prevent signal re-entrancy into cursor update routines
      sna: Silence compiler warning
      sna: Short-circuit repeated clearing to the same color
      sna/gen2+: Replace composite sources with solids where possible
      sna: Precompute OVER/ADD with solids to convert it into a BLT operation
      sna/gen7: Move constants MOCS into chipset specific info blocks
      sna/gen2+: Beware the unattached ShmPixmap
      sna: Remove unitialized use of 'cursor'
      sna/gen8: w/a for NULL depth buffer
      sna/gen8: Shrink 3DSTATE_SAMPLE_PATTERN packet
      sna: Avoid discarding damage when applying WHOLE hint to pixmap migration
      sna: Avoid double application of pixel widening for degenerate lines
      sna: Simplify checking for singular damage
      intel-virtual-output: Fixup DBG messages
      sna: Continue to reprobe for ZaphodHeads with a mixed up configuration
      sna: Add more assertions before dereferencing sna_crtc
      sna: Refactor 3 similar CPU migration promotion checks into one
      sna: Fix build for older Xorg without OsBlockSIGIO support
      sna: Restore empty region checking
      sna: Add some DBG for whole CPU pixmap migration
      sna: Tweak application of WHOLE hint for uploads
      sna: Handle clipped PutImage uploads more carefully
      sna: Use pwrite to update physical cursors
      intel: If a non-root user starts X, don't release master
      intel-virtual-output: Fix damage bounds
      sna: Prepare for an upcoming Cursor API change
      sna: Remove defunct Cursor interface on fake CRTC
      configure: Report which version (lib or module) of glamor is used
      sna: Validate the cursor everytime for hw support
      sna: Don't create slave pixmaps for the virtual CRTC
      sna: Only reload an active HW cursor
      sna: Only mark the transform_in_use when required for shadow fb
      sna: Don't set cursor bits to an invalid pointer
      sna/gen2: Fix CA/a8 blend factors
      sna: Don't redraw cursor if the fg/bg colors do not change
      sna: Perform 2-color to ARGB cursor conversion inplace
      sna: Restrict WHOLE hint to PutImage on a complete Pixmap
      sna: Add some bounds checking asserts to damage
      sna: Rearrange cursor reuse to avoid sharing rotations
      sna: Add a cursor DBG for a failed pwrite update
      sna: Fix up cut'n'paste typo in assertion
      sna: Discard TearFree readback when overdrawing
      sna: Mark partial composite operations upfront
      sna: Pre-emptively move framebuffers into the DISPLAY cache domain
      sna: Pre-emptively bind framebuffers into the GTT
      sna: Do not reuse physical cursors for the kernel is broken
      sna/video: Only try to set the color key once
      sna: Fix some DBG formats
      sna: Always flush the shadow scanout
      sna/video: Provide a fallback path for pwrite failure
      sna: Refine detection of when shadow is active during BlockHandler
      sna: Do not reuse physical cursors for the kernel is broken, harder
      sna: Initialise thread->arg
      uxa: Remove misnomer from ATI logs
      sna: Avoid copying from tiled source for an overwritten fill
      sna: Use a global pixman glyph cache
      sna: Add a DBG aide to disable hardware execution
      sna: Apply defense against a rogue call to move a SW cursor
      sna: Improve DBG messages for rejecting outputs during initial config
      sna: Reuse any output not explicitly disconnected
      sna: Fix assertions for mmapping stolen buffers
      sna/video: Show sprites across all outputs
      sna: Tweak untiled limits
      sna: Be more selective of reusing bo for inplace uploads on !LLC
      sna: INPLACE has early exits in move-to-cpu
      sna: Tweak use inplace CPU maps for writing
      sna: Initialise cursors after checking for KMS
      sna: Replace cursor gen test with feature flag
      sna: Preallocate pwrite scratch buffer for old fashioned cursor updates
      sna: Preallocate cursors
      sna: Factor in destination sizes for choosing intermediate tiling bo size
      sna: Refine fence packing estimates
      sna: Add a minor DBG for tiled copies
      sna: Rearrange final aperture check
      sna: Initialise pointer before use
      sna: Assert against underflows in BLT command lengths
      sna: Tweaks to cursor DBG logging
      sna: Recycle physical cursors
      sna: Preserve cpu hint for compatible mmapping of the GPU bo
      sna: Discard TearFree damage on partial migration
      sna/video: Initialise pitch before query
      sna: Be more lenient and allow tiled uploads to replace CPU buffers
      sna/dri: Tidy call to vblank ioctl for MSC waiting
      sna: Add some DBG for tracing vblanks across modeset/resume
      sna: Refactor migration DBG code
      sna: Do not discard damage when using the CPU to perform BLT spans
      sna: Refactor hints for GPU promotion of composite fills
      sna: Do not stash drmModeResPtr
      sna: Perform dynamic connector discovery
      compat: Add missing wrapper for RegionSubtract
      sna: Remove incorrect cursor assertion
      sna: Reorder cursor initialisation
      sna: Prefer PrimaryOutput for timing signals
      sna/dri: Report the last known MSC whilst the pipe is off
      sna: Reorder connector initialisation to avoid leak
      sna: Fix loop iteration whilst deleting connectors
      intel-virtual-output: Check error state when disabling CRTC
      intel-virtual-output: Record shm/randr/xinerama queries in DBG log
      intel-virtual-output: Check for errors whilst creating ShmPixmaps
      intel-virtual-output: Mark ShmPixmap destinations as writeable
      intel-virtual-output: Try disabling Panning after disabling CRTC
      intel-virtual-output: Copy existing CRTC information
      sna: Refine hints to allow inplace writes whilst compositing aligned traps
      intel-virtual-output: Grab the server whilst cleanging up the local output
      sna: Tidy computation of clone/crtcs for fake outputs
      sna: Discard the TearFree damage when doing a full CPU migration
      sna: Allow connectors without an associated encoder
      sna: Treat encoder id array as invariant
      intel-virtual-output: Disable remote CRTC using the remote Display!
      sna: Fix unattached outputs for ZaphodHeads
      sna: Run output discovery before modes query
      sna: Set desired mode after rediscover during VT switch
      sna: Fix bogus assertion about conn->encoder_id
      sna: Don't assign in an assert
      sna/dri: Implement TripleBuffering using DRI2SwapLimit
      sna: Initialize value read through ioctl to please valgrind
      sna/dri: Use move-area-to-gpu to handle clipped regions more efficiently
      sna: Tidy thread handling under valgrind
      sna: Add an xorg.conf option for removing unused outputs
      sna: Fix another assignment inside an assert
      sna: Check for PRIME scanouts
      sna: Avoid promoting SHM Pixmaps for DRI
      sna: Rename DRI2 files, functions and variables
      sna: Add some DBG to track rogue requests
      sna/dri2: Do not rate-limit vblank=0 swaps
      sna/dri2: Tighten reporting of faked flip events
      sna/dri2: Carefully check for a completed swap
      sna: After disabling the TearFree shadow, flush any pending flips
      sna/dri2: Ensure new immediate blits are queued behind outstanding swaps
      intel-virtual-output: Make it possible to disable building via configure
      sna: Handle driver failures more gracefully
      sna: Mark the CHV vsync method as unknown
      intel: Update PCI IDs for Cherryview
      intel-virtual-output: Mark the source SHMPixmap as writeable
      sna/video: Only migrate the destination window
      sna/dri2: Update the swap type for chained flips
      sna: Userptr lands upstream, enable.
      sna: Do not mark an upload as a potential replace if the dst is pinned
      sna: Discard active GPU buffers before uploading into them
      sna: Switch iterators over to real CRTCs only
      sna: Fix assertions for combining shadow transforms and TearFree
      sna/dri2: Verify that the reference pipe is still active for flipping
      sna: Only mark the scanout as being busy for writes (not solitary reads)
      sna/dri2: Client cannot be NULL, so drop the checks
      sna/dri2: Tidy computation of 64bit ust
      sna/dri2: Tidy recording of the last swap sequence number and time
      sna/dri2: Tidy conditional use of XORG_CAN_TRIPLE_BUFFER
      sna/dri2: Limit pending swaps to 1 when queueing a future blit
      sna/dri2: Decouple queued events
      sna: Fix attachment of the default monitor to the first output
      sna/dri2: Apply a margin of error to the sequence wrap detection
      sna/dri2: Fix WaitMSC to maintain the vblank counters
      sna/dri2: Maintain sequence calculation in 64bits
      sna/dri2: Move fixed array allocations to per-crtc
      sna/dri2: DBG fixes
      intel-virtual-output: Probe after claiming virtual output
      sna/dri2: Tweak flip continuation
      sna/dri2: Use the timestamps stored on the CRTC
      sna/dri2: Tidy computation of target sequence
      sna/dri2: Queue the flip immediately for the next frame
      test/dri2: Check validity of MSC across CRTC
      sna/dri2: Adjust current msc / target seq between CRTCs
      sna/dri2: Free the private CRTC tracker on each window
      sna/dri2: Combine the DRI2 Window privates together into a single struct
      test/dri2: Restore original configuration after testing
      sna/dri2: Handle offscreen Window and Pixmap with CRTC tracking
      sna/dri2: Tidy add/remove chain to use the common DRI2 private
      sna/dri2: Handle allocation failure adding frame events gracefully
      sna: Assert that we do not replace active IO buffers
      sna: Implicit release of upload buffers considered bad
      sna/dri2: Make the swap-limit transitions more obvious
      sna/dri2: Defer reallocation of backbuffer until request
      sna/dri2: Move scanout processing from frame event to global
      sna: Silence compiler for warnings in Cursor API changes
      uxa: Silence compiler for warnings in Cursor API changes
      uxa: Silence the compiler over a couple of unused variables
      sna: Handle bad picture format/depth mismatches
      sna: Fix the depth/format on the temporary shadow Pictures
      sna/dri2: Fix the continuation mode for old style triple buffering
      Silence CLang (almost)
      sna/dri2: Reorder declarations to compile on old Xorg
      sna: Unexport kgem_get_unique_id()
      sna: Use manual detiling for downloads
      test: Only compute the masked pixel value if depth!=32
      sna: Mark all caches for expiration
      sna: Do not allow imported buffers to be cached
      sna: Reuse the first scanout bo
      sna: Silence a DBG compiler warning
      sna: Add DBG hints for using inplace CPU mmappings
      sna/gen8: Set GT level
      sna/gen8: Clear all URB push constant allocations
      sna/dri2: Mark queued flip MSC as the one after next
      sna/dri2: Decouple spent flip
      sna/dri2: Always force the async blits to be immediate
      sna/dri2: Hide MSC reported as going backwards
      sna: Enable kernel support for asynchronous flips
      sna/dri2: Use real async flips
      intel: Add common routines and configure probing for DRI3
      intel: Clear structs for valgrind
      Add rudimentary tests for DRI3
      Add rudimentary tests for Present
      intel-virtual-output: Add DRI3 xfer path
      sna: Relax tiling height restrictions
      sna: Add support for DRI3
      sna: Add support for Present
      uxa: Add DRI3 and miSyncShm support
      Only enable the new Cursor API for the next pre-release of Xorg
      sna: Use CPU mmappings for linear uploads
      sna: Fix early return in download using the GPU
      sna: Discard unwanted damage when promoting to a full CPU migration
      sna: Allow replacements to cancel operations between both bo under a Pixmap
      sna: Replace the bo for tiled uploads if not suitable and being replaced
      configure: Remove xf86driproto from REQUIRED_MODULES
      configure: XORG_DRIVER_CHECK_EXT does not create CFLAGS/LIBS variables
      sna/dri2: Enable immediate buffer exchanges
      sna: Mark CPU as all damaged when discarding a busy GPU bo
      sna: Curry parameters to sna_damage_all()
      sna: Fix DBG compilation
      sna: Skip marking the CRTC as damaged for TearFree
      sna: Make sure we recompute the vblank interval after reconfiguring the CRTC
      sna: Set initial output DPMS state from kernel
      sna: Inline calls to save/restore backlight around output DPMS
      sna: When the output is off, report the cached backlight value
      sna: Hook up a backlight udev monitor for external changes
      sna/dri2: Restore flush on front buffers after swapping bo
      man: Update notes about TearFree
      sna: Report KMS driver version
      sna: Rearrange scanout_flush checking to avoid potential crash
      sna: Only allow the inplace copy to replace a complete overwritten GPU bo
      sna: Auto-retire upload proxies
      sna: Fix no relaxed delta path for gen4+
      sna: Fix TearFree for non-compositors
      sna: Allow TearFree to be enabled by default via configure
      sna: Release CRTC on VT switch
      sna: Fix reporting of TearFree
      sna: Restore backlight when switching to VT
      sna/dri2: Check the xchg against the Pixmap size
      sna/dri2: Mark frames under construction
      sna/dri2: Explicitly drain the pending event queue before swapping
      sna/dri2: Use xchg for offscreen drawables where applicable
      sna/dri2: Allow xchg to replace the frontbuffer when all outputs are off
      sna/dri2: DBG compile fix
      uxa: Do not FreePixmap(screen->devPrivate)
      sna: Do not rely on udev_monitor_receive_device() being non-blocking
      sna/dri2: Allow TearFree flipping to individual CRTC
      sna: Fixup normal flips between different pitches
      sna/dri2: Avoid trying to flip between bo with different pitches
      sna: Fix cut'n'paste DBG error
      sna: Defer the copy back from the shadow CRTC bo until we allocate the target
      configure: Allow disabling control over the backlight
      sna: Add an extra error message before disabling a CRTC
      sna: Fix the typo in the last commit
      sna: Queue a flip after fixing up a failed flip
      2.99.912 snapshot

Dave Airlie (2):
      uxa: fix pageflips on 3 head scenarios
      uxa: fix getmsc to not fail hard

Eric Anholt (3):
      Update for glamor in the 1.16 server.
      Use fbpict.h instead of defining its prototypes ourselves.
      uxa: Fix load_cursor_argb for the new Xorg ABI.

Keith Packard (3):
      uxa: Support 64-bit MSC values. Handle kernel vageries about MSC reporting
      uxa: Restructure DRM event handling.
      uxa: Add Present extension support

git tag: 2.99.912

MD5:  88d1a884f9b7bd07bf0755cfa34052d4  xf86-video-intel-2.99.912.tar.bz2
SHA1: ad67228c3d8a12517d12484a7291007ced11f04a  xf86-video-intel-2.99.912.tar.bz2
SHA256: 7c8ffc492d59f34cac64093deb70717b4d9223cf416ecc6fa016ab2e8bde9501  xf86-video-intel-2.99.912.tar.bz2

MD5:  840c7ed93a84180e9dadeb2ef947eb2b  xf86-video-intel-2.99.912.tar.gz
SHA1: 087064c6dcaccbdfd853d5601fd2ba6e5d95ef1c  xf86-video-intel-2.99.912.tar.gz
SHA256: 5844720446f9bf25e55c0808bf1041d8723926103cf7d51aa48b2bada57b2732  xf86-video-intel-2.99.912.tar.gz

Chris Wilson, Intel Open Source Technology Centre
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