XRandR 1.4 multi-GPU performance

martin f krafft madduck at madduck.net
Mon Jun 23 05:26:24 PDT 2014


with my new XRandR 1.4 multi-head setup, I am noticing graphical
artefacts and screen damages, and sometimes a sluggish performance.
Sure, this can be due to multi-GPU support being new and unpolished,
but I am also wondering a bit whether I am just misunderstanding the

What does it mean if I --setprovideroutputsource

Could it be that multi-GPU support actually only adds outputs from
other cards to the primary GPU, which then has to do all the work?

Where can I read up on --setprovideroffloadsink? What does this do?
How is that different from --setprovideroutputsource?


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