XDC2014: Call for paper

Martin Peres martin.peres at free.fr
Thu May 1 15:52:22 PDT 2014


I have the pleasure to announce that the X.org Developer Conference 2014 
be held in Bordeaux, France from October 8th to October 10th. The venue is
located in the campus of the University of Bordeaux 1, in the computer 
research lab called LaBRI.

The official page for the event is http://www.x.org/wiki/Events/XDC2014
while the call for paper is at http://www.x.org/wiki/Other/Press/CFP2014/

As usual, we are open to talks across the layers of the graphics stack, from
the kernel to desktop environments / graphical applications and about how
to make things better for the developers who build them. If you're not sure
if something might fit, mail me or add it to the ideas list found in the
program page.

The conference is free of charge and opened to the general public. If 
you plan
on coming, please add yourself to the attendees list. We'll use this list to
make badges and plan for the catering.

I am looking forward to seeing you there, if you have any 
please send them to me (please also CC: board at foundation.x.org).

Martin Peres

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