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Sat May 3 14:12:42 PDT 2014


                            Patch #304 - 2014/05/03

     * add  debugging  check  for  parsing  table  entries,  fixed  a  few
     * handle  utmp/utmpx  strings  consistently  with  new  function that
       null-pads unused locations.
     * build-fix  for  imake  configuration  with  FreeBSD 9 and later, to
       account for replacing utmp with utmpx.
     * improve handling of the fontsel (font-selection) menu item:
          + initialize   the   menu   entry  differently  if  the  toolbar
            configuration is used, i.e., enabling it without attempting to
            use  the  current selection as a font name. Because of the way
            in  which  the  toolbar is setup, this attempt usually failed,
            and would result in a warning.
          + if  the menu action fails, e.g., no font can be loaded for the
            given selected name, then recover by resuming with the current
            font.  Before, the recovery went to the default font. That was
            done to work around missing bitmap font in patch #276.
     * document OSC 119 in the control sequences listing (report by Egmont
     * modify special handling of XF86Paste or SunPaste keysyms (see patch
       #227)  to  use the standard shift/lock modifiers in case those are,
       for  example,  used  in  level  3 in an XKB file (patch by Matthieu
     * configure macro updates:
          + drop the -no-gcc option from CF_INTEL_COMPILER
          + modify  CF_XOPEN_SOURCE  to  suppress  the  check for defining
            _XOPEN_SOURCE on Solaris
     * reduce bss storage used for ReGIS/Sixel modules, as well as cleanup
       storage usage in other modules.
     * initial changes for ReGIS support (patch by Ross Combs):
          + document control-sequences
          + separate ifdef's for sixel and color-register features
          + add configuration for VT382

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