Radeon graphics HUGE black lines

Tyler Evans incarnated623 at gmail.com
Mon May 5 09:17:31 PDT 2014

Well the thing is that it is happening on all video cards my Intel HD 3000,
radeon hd 5750 and navidia gtx460 if I use open drivers guild wars 2 ( the
only game I play) has "zebra stripes" like the picture I provided.
On 03.05.2014 11:13, Tyler Evans wrote:
> I have a radeon hd 5750 using open drivers and I open up a game using wine
> 1.7.16 on linux mint 16 before 2 months ago it was fine then a update (I
> have found out today through trial of radeons drivers) caused the game to
> have "zebra stripes" or black lines every few "feet".

Please provide the Xorg.0.log file and the output of dmesg and glxinfo.

What exactly did you do before the problem started? Can you try
narrowing down which component of the graphics stack introduced the problem?

Note that games in Wine probably use the 32 bit binaries of Mesa and
libdrm_radeon. Are those at the same version as the 64 bit binaries?

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