[ANNOUNCE] X.Org Security Advisory: Multiple issues in libXfont

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at oracle.com
Tue May 13 08:39:25 PDT 2014

On 05/13/14 08:08 AM, Alan Coopersmith wrote:
> Most of these issues stem from libXfont trusting the font server to send
> valid protocol data, and not verifying that the values will not overflow
> or cause other damage.   This code is commonly called from the X server
> when an X Font Server is active in the font path, so may be running in a
> setuid-root process depending on the X server in use.  Exploits of this
> path could be used by a local, authenticated user to attempt to raise
> privileges; or by a remote attacker who can control the font server to
> attempt to execute code with the privileges of the X server.  (CVE-2014-XXXA
> is the exception, as it does not involve communication with a font server,
> as explained below.)

Sorry, missed an update when filling in the assigned CVE's - the above statement
should say "CVE-2014-0209 is the exception" as explained in:

> - CVE-2014-0209: integer overflow of allocations in font metadata file parsing
>      When a local user who is already authenticated to the X server adds
>      a new directory to the font path, the X server calls libXfont to open
>      the fonts.dir and fonts.alias files in that directory and add entries
>      to the font tables for every line in it.  A large file (~2-4 gb) could
>      cause the allocations to overflow, and allow the remaining data read
>      from the file to overwrite other memory in the heap.
>      Affected functions: FontFileAddEntry(), lexAlias()

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