xkb issue - xkb does not recognize types file

cheater00 . cheater00 at gmail.com
Mon May 19 05:32:29 PDT 2014

Hi everyone! I'm new to the list, but it looks very interesting
already! I was wondering if this was the right place to talk about

I have an issue with xkb and i was hoping someone here might be able
to give me some pointers.

i have created a new keyboard layout with xkb and now i need to add
new types, i.e. how modifier keys behave. The symbols file, types file
and compat file seem to be well formed, but the types have no effect,
and when i check with setxkbmap and xkbcomp, the types are not listed.
I'm not sure how to edit the xml files in /usr/share/X11/xkb/rules so
that xkb knows how to find the new types. How should i proceed?

Debugging output can be found here: http://lpaste.net/5576643678098685952

the source is here:

This is under Ubuntu; as I understand Ubuntu and some other distros
use rules/evdev.xml, whereas some other distros use an older system
which is also based off files in rules/.

>From what I've read on the internet, some documents recommend adding
an xkb_keymap declaration in keymap/. Those files, if you look at
them, explicitly specify the types (or compats, not sure) that are
being used, so should work. Compiling by hand with xkbcomp should
work, but I don't want to do that, I want the OS to ingest the files
itself, and show them in the Gnome Keyboard Properties (actually I use
MATE, but that's exactly the same).

Then some documents say that was obsoleted by (non-xml) files in
rules/, e.g. rules/evdev and rules/evdev.lst, and then some say that
was obsoleted by xml files in rules/. You can see xkbcomp still
operates with xkb_keymap as the internal format. I assume this should
now be generated from the xml files somehow. This is what Gnome uses
as I understand.

The bitbucket repository contains an easy to use installer and it
could be a base for
other people's layouts. It integrates with the Gnome UI.

I would appreciate any pointers, as I've probably read anything there
is online about xkb starting the last weekend, and am pretty much

I asked this first at xdg at lists.freedesktop.org, where I was told I
should better try and ask at one of the x.org lists. I don't know
whether xorg or xorg-devel applies here, so I posted to both - I hope
that's not a problem.


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