xdb - problems using virtual keys and ISO_Level3_Shift key

wettstae at gmail.com wettstae at gmail.com
Tue May 20 11:34:43 PDT 2014

> 2. In some places, the ISO_Level3_Shift key is intercepted. This is
> especially painful on websites that have a search field. An example is
> http://dict.leo.org. 

I cannot reproduce this.  When I open this webpage with firefox, the
cursor is placed to the search field right away.  If I move it out of
it, pressing my ISO_Level3_Shift keys does not move it in.

> the website notices I'm holding what it thinks is AltGr (after all
> they're the same key)

According the debug output you sent yesterday, your AltGr key is a
Alt/Meta key, not a ISO_Level3_Shift key:

    key <RALT> {
        type= "TWO_LEVEL",
        symbols[Group1]= [           Alt_R,          Meta_R ]

> I tried redirecting to <LEFT> like this in the symbols file:
>     key <AC08> {
>     type[Group1]="THREE_LEVEL_SHIFTABLE",
>     symbols[Group1]=[    h, H, Left, Left    ],
>     actions[Group1]=[ NoAction(), NoAction(), RedirectKey(key=<LEFT>),
> RedirectKey(key=<LEFT>, modifiers=Shift) ] };

Again according to your output from yesterday, LEFT is an

    key <LEFT> {
        type= "ONE_LEVEL",
        symbols[Group1]= [ ISO_Level3_Shift ]

I am not sure what your goal here is.

> - by removing (commenting out) the lines that made ISO_Level3_Shift get mapped to Mod5:

If you do this completely, LevelThree will no longer be associated to
Mod5, and ISO_Level3_Shift will stop working.

> At this point I'm seriously out of ideas; does anyone have any
> pointers?

You might try out something like this:

    key <FK01> {
        type= "ONE_LEVEL",
        symbols[Group1]= [ ISO_Level3_Shift ],
        actions[Group1]= [ SetMods(modifiers=Mod5) ]
    key <FK02> {
        type= "ONE_LEVEL",
        symbols[Group1]= [ ISO_Level3_Shift ],
        actions[Group1]= [ SetMods(modifiers=Shift) ]
    key <FK03> {
        type= "ONE_LEVEL",
        symbols[Group1]= [ Shift_L ],
        actions[Group1]= [ SetMods(modifiers=Mod5) ]
    key <FK04> {
        type= "ONE_LEVEL",
        symbols[Group1]= [ Shift_L ],
        actions[Group1]= [ SetMods(modifiers=Shift) ]

to see whether the behaviour is related to the keysym ISO_Level3_Shift
or the modifier Mod5 it usually sets.  Or maybe the problem is specific
to the RALT key?

> 3. This doesn't work in the editing window in Skype. This is the only
> place this doesn't work; normal cursors work, but pressing
> ISO_Level3_Shift+h just doesn't move the cursor at all.

Here, a RedirectKey like you were using above could help (provided that
you redirect to a key that has an appropriate keysym on it).
clearMods=Mod5 might be useful as well for such a RedirectKey.

> I noticed that if I press ISO_Level3_Shift and try to use one of the
> physical cursor keys the cursor doesn't move either;

According to your debug output, none of UP, LEFT, RGHT, and DOWN are
mapped to a cursor motion keysym, so that would be little surprising.
That said, some applications might be confused by the Mod5 modifier
being set when you press a cursor key together with a ISO_Level3_Shift
key.  Redirecting the cursor key to itself and using clearMods=Mod5
might help for such cases.


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