xrandr is required if resolution is changed from GDM

Kalpesh Rathod kalpeshb.rathod83 at gmail.com
Fri May 23 06:41:45 PDT 2014


I am working on X.org driver for an arm SoC. It support HDMI video out. The
X.org driver + kernel fb driver is working and I get the display. The
system uses Ubuntu precise. I have problem while changing the resolution.
In our X.org driver we have

pScrn->SwitchMode = fbdevHWSwitchModeWeak();

After resolution change operation from 'Displays' applet in ubuntu GDM, I
get blank screen.

At this stage, if I do ssh and fire 'xrandr' without any argument, the
resolution change works fine. I am not able to understand this behavior.

If I change resolution from terminal using xrandr, then also I have to use
it twice.
xrandr --output HDMI --mode 1920x1080 --rate 60

Please guide me, what I should do in my X.org driver , so resolution change
works without need to execute 'xrandr'.

Thanks in advance.

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