Lenovo T440s Clickpad Dimensions Quirks missing in Synaptics Driver

Joschi Brauchle joschi.brauchle at tum.de
Mon Nov 3 14:38:27 PST 2014

The Lenovo T440s Clickpad with PNP ID "LEN0039" seems to be missing in 
the table of PNP IDs in the synaptics driver of kernel 3.16.6.

Thus, the Y dimensions of the clickpad are incorrect and percentage 
values for softbuttons in xorg.conf are not working correctly.

Please add the PNP ID "LEN0039" for the Lenovo T440s clickpad to the 
table of ids. The dimensions seem to identical to the T440 ones (w/o 
trailing s).

The issue is also reported here:

Best regards,
J Brauchle

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