1.15.1 memory leak?

Mathieu Slabbinck matty.slabbinck at gmail.com
Wed Nov 19 02:44:32 PST 2014


I'm running an x86 Linux system that runs xorg-xserver 1.15.1 with fglrx
driver 14.10.1006.1001.
When the xserver is up and running and I run continuously "xrandr
--verbose" I see the memory gradually piling up.
For example "watch -n 1 xrandr --verbose" will cause a memory usage of
around +10MB each hour or so.

Is there any known issue that's related or duplicated by this?
Bumping my xorg-xserver version is not an option since fglrx does not
support above 1.15.X sadly.


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