kdrive udev/seat support

Steven Newbury steve at snewbury.org.uk
Thu Oct 23 10:47:14 PDT 2014

I'm adding udev/seat support to kdrive* in order to support running 
Xfbdev on a picolcdfb device (USB mono LCD + keys) as an auxiliary 
video display on which I'll run a graphical system monitor like Conky.

Right now I have basic -seat support working, when !seat0 vt switching 
is disabled and it uses the appropriate fb device according to udev.  
This is enough to get it working for me since I can now just start 
Xfbdev with the appropriate evdev for input, as I've not yet 
implemented seat based input device configuration.

Is there any interest in getting this upstream?  Shall I post the work 
done so far, or get the input device configuration finished first?

*I would have just used Xorg, but the fbdev driver doesn't support 
MONO01 visuals, it seemed easier to add the missing -seat support to 

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