Mint 17.1 Rebecca cinnamon 64 bit, evga geforce gt 730, nvidia-current driver

David davidlm613 at
Mon Aug 3 21:42:53 PDT 2015

Hi again, I reinstalled mint after my problems with the -331 driver, from
what I read it seemed like the easiest way instead of trying to uninstall
the driver.  I installed the navidia-current and so far it's more hopeful,
this time it will bit into GUI but it immediately says "cinnamon just
crashed. You are currently running in fallback mode. Do you want to restart
cinnamon? Y/n". If I select yes it restarts but gives the same message
again, select no and I'm stuck in the fallback GUI.
I tried
(1) rm -rf .local/share/cinnamon
(2) rm -rf .cinammon
(3) reboot
I found it in a forum addressing this problem but as far as I could tell it
didn't change anything after reboot.
sudo apt-get purge cinnamon* nemo-* cjs muffin* python-nemo
>From same forum and as I was afraid it killed cinnamon altogether, on
reboot the LM was replaced by Ubuntu 17.1 and then no home screen.  I got
back to the cinnamon crashed stage but I'm at a loss.
After windsurfing mint I made no change to settings, preferences, etc.
Only installed the driver.
Oh and everything runs beautifully with the exception that it runs in
software rendering mode and it only recognize the VGA port.  Dual monitors
is one of the reasons I got the card I did but never messed with enabling
it because I figured two birds with one stone when the driver is installed.
Any advice is really appreciated and I'm still learning Linux so the
simpler the better!
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