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Wed Aug 19 18:07:18 PDT 2015


                            Patch #319 - 2015/08/19

     * add  a  section  to  discussing  control  sequences and
       ECMA-48,  to  explain  why  C1 controls do not occur in the decoded
       characters  from  UTF-8  byte  streams (prompted by discussion with
       Poul-Henning Kamp).
     * modify  check for cursor-theme from patch #301 to also check if the
       resource  Xcursor.theme  is set to a nonempty value before fallback
       to xterm's own dummy theme (request by Robert Kloefkorn).
     * explain   in   that  some  keys  which  normally  send
       SS3-prefixes  are  changed  to  CSI-prefixes  if  key-modifiers are
       passed as parameters (report by George Nachman).
     * correct  double-free of font information when multiple problems are
       found,  particularly  for  the wide fonts loaded via the -wc option
       (report/testcase by Nelson Beebe).
     * make  configure  option --enable-builtin-xpms actually work (report
       by William Bulley).
     * correct   combination   of   -ls   and   -e  options  for  utempter
       configuration (Debian #794201).
     * NetBSD  build-fix  for OPT_RENDERFONT versus OPT_SHIFT_FONTS (patch
       by Matthew Green, forwarded by Thomas Klausner).
     * fix a few minor bugs found with Coverity.
     * update pixelvector handling (patch by Ross Combs):
          + split  pixel-based and coord-based functions with common parts
            factored out to a "raw" function
          + add a "step" variant which loads a single PV digit
     * make  the  graphic  dirty upon resize or clear, fixing some missing
       refreshes (patch by Ross Combs)
     * fixes  scrolling  to  use  user coordinates and move in the correct
       direction (patch by Ross Combs)
     * several  fixes/improvements  for ReGIS whitespace and page-handling
       (patch by Ross Combs).

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