New Monitor Weirdnesses or how do I get Xorg to pay attention to my xorg.conf file?

Felix Miata mrmazda at
Thu Dec 3 13:27:22 PST 2015

Robert Heller composed on 2015-12-03 16:00 (UTC-0500):

> I use a distro with long term support.

Not without a price. What you have is hardware technology that is more
advanced than the foundation on which that support is built. A GeForce 8200
needs either the FOSS nouveau driver, which seems to be missing from CentOS
5, or the proprietary NVidia driver. VESA is a low technology fallback driver
wholly incapable of properly supporting widescreen displays. AFAICT, there's
no amount of xorg.conf or xrandr twiddling you can do to overcome the
shortcomings of a fallback driver.

>  *I* have better things to do than
> spend all of my time dealing with incompatible updates every few months.

You have 3 choices that I can see:

1-upgrade software to the technology level of your hardware (nouveau driver,
likely requiring KMS kernel)

2-backlevel your video hardware (either supported gfxcard, or supported 4:3
or 5:4 aspect display)

3-suffer a standard aspect video mode on your widescreen display
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