I can't invalidate

Andrzej Borucki borucki.andrzej at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 23:41:25 PST 2015

I try invalidate window using XCB library. I draw text and after second
(have timer), changed text and  send message:
void invalidate()
    xcb_expose_event_t invalidate_event;
    invalidate_event.window = window;
    invalidate_event.response_type = XCB_EXPOSE;
    invalidate_event.x = 0;
    invalidate_event.y = 0;
    invalidate_event.width = WIDTH;
    invalidate_event.height = HEIGHT;
    xcb_send_event_checked(connection, false, window,
XCB_EVENT_MASK_EXPOSURE, (char*)&invalidate_event);
but no new XCB_EXPOSE events...
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