fancy app on new server, used by an old client

sebastien deries sebastien.deries at
Mon Dec 14 06:16:13 PST 2015

Hi all,
I'm new to this mailing list so I hope my question makes sense.

I have a 2D and 3D Java FX application that runs perfectly on a very new
server ( intel core i7 64bits...). However, a customer of mine wants to run
this application on very old client machines:
intel P4 @3.2Gz
matrox G450 32Mo
Ram 1Go

-          X:            Xorg :1.4.2

If  we assume that network is not a problem I was wondering:

   - are server and client compatible? or how to make them compatible?
   - What kind of performance could I expect ? Would user experience be
   - What would be the impact on client CPU?

Thanks a lot.


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