xrandr only lists mode after a while of waiting

Daniel Menet daniel at sonta.gs
Mon Dec 14 01:33:08 PST 2015

Hello all

New to the list, please bear with me and give me hints if I violate any

Its been a while now since I started facing an issue: xrandr only lists
mode after a while of waiting. I assume this happend after a upgrade of
some packages without an immediate reboot an occurred first after the
reboot. I accepted the situation for a while due to the lack of time. More
details are given at

Some of the packages that where upgraded during that time where libxrandr
and randrproto. Meanwhile I downgraded libxrandr to 1.4.2 and randrproto to
1.4.1 which did not affect the situation in any way. Now I'm back
at libxrandr 1.5.0 and randrproto 1.5.0.

Any hints in which direction to seach?

Regards, Daniel
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