ANN: xterm-321

Thomas Dickey dickey at
Thu Dec 31 17:49:22 PST 2015


                            Patch #321 - 2015/12/31

     * add    resource   keepClipboard,   escape   sequence   and   action
     * add  optional  feature  to  capture text copied to clipboard at the
       time  of copying rather than at the time the clipboard contents are
       requested for pasting (patch by Milan Mehner).
     * improve  a  special  case  where  the  -e option was used to pass a
       single-quoted command via luit, by wrapping it in a "sh -c" (report
       by Keith Hedger).
     * minor   fix   for  type-cleanliness  when  allocating  storage  for
       /etc/shells (Tobias Stoeckmann).
     * fix a typo in manual page (Dan Church).
     * fix  minor file-descriptor leak; after calling openpty, the slave's
       file descriptor is not needed (report by Juha Nurmela).
     * editorial change to (report by David Gomboc).
     * minor updates for autoconf macros.
     * update config.guess, config.sub

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