Set mouse pointer resolution a.k.a sensitivity interactively?

Hi-Angel hiangel999 at
Mon Jan 5 07:47:47 PST 2015

I am one of those crazy peoples who don't want the pointer to be
accelerated: so, if I moved the mouse m space, the pointer would be
always moved n space — no matter how fast/slow I did it.
I just want the pointer to move faster, i.e. increase its sensitivity.
My search gave me that the only solution is to insert  in «xorg.conf»
in section «mouse InputDevice section» file a line like

Option "Resolution" "400"

But of course I don't quite believe: how many times a user would
needed to restart XServer to find an apropriate pointer speed? Five?
Ten? More? So, in the end I decided to ask here: is there some command
to set a pointer resolution?

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