Dual screen issues with Radeon X1250 on HP t5730

Felix Miata mrmazda at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 15 00:14:34 PST 2015

Jeffrey Langerak composed on 2015-01-14 09:59 (UTC):

> 32MB Radeon X1250 GPU

32MB doesn't sound like anywhere near enough to me. Are you sure?

IIRC, all of:


worked with both X600 and X1300 with 256MB (IIRC) in KDE3 and KDE4 in Fedora
(19/Rawhide), Mageia (4/Cauldron) and openSUSE (13.1/Factory) at least.

Your xorg.conf is loaded with things automagic should handle. I'd cut yours
down to just device, monitor and screen sections, and only include in them
what you need to get the desired extended screen positioning you're after.
You ought to be able to get a working one using any of the above as a
template. Even mine include a few more lines than are actually necessary
(e.g. DefaultModes, HorizSync & VertRefresh).
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