Re: Localize the «Compoze» key combinations?

Hi-Angel hiangel999 at
Sun Jan 25 20:14:55 PST 2015

2015-01-20 22:44 GMT+03:00  <wettstae at>:
> If you are willing to modify your libX11, something you might want to
> try is to change libX11/modules/im/ximcp/imLcFlt.c such that the calls
> to XLookupString are done with a modified value of ev->xkey.state.  You
> mask out the two bits of the state that determine the group.  For
> compose sequences, this has the effect as if always the primary group
> would be active.  For this to work as you want, you must make us your
> primary and ru your secondary layout.
> Andreas

Thank you very much!
I tried this holydays to dive into libX11 code, also configured the
key on my VirtualBox. I didn't understood though what does the
function «bool _XimLocalFilter(Display*, Window, XEvent*, XPointer)»
of the «imLcFlt.c» except that it is somehow filters every keypress. I
found it is called every time when I am press a key. It would be great
if someone accidentally leaved in the header file a description of a
function 😂
Anyway, right now I stumbled upon a strange fact that when I am
replace an original «» with a newly compiled one, the
compose key just stops working. I didn't changed anything except that
configured compilation with «-g3» added to CFLAGS and CPPFLAGS. Have
anybody an idea what could cause it?

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