no libXaw.a ??

walter harms wharms at
Mon Jan 26 02:01:45 PST 2015

Am 28.12.2014 05:44, schrieb bruce m beach:
> Hello
> I'm trying to compile an older application(xfig) and it dies with
>        No rule to make target '/usr/local/lib/libXaw.a'
> which is really saying it can't find libXaw.a
> Looking in /usr/local/lib I find etc and for the static libraries
> .libXaw7.a, libXaw6.a
> but no libXaw.a
> I am using XllR7.7 which I built myself and xfig I have built many times.
> I'm wondering what has changed and how to fix the xfig build.
> pls cc me as I am not on this list

hi Bruce,
you can add a link from libXaw7.a to lib Xaw.a
that should ease the pain.


> Thanks
> Bruce
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