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Tue Jan 27 05:41:18 PST 2015


I am running GENIVI Layermanager (i.e. window manager and compositor based
on GLES2.0 and X11) which doesn't support multi-touch event (i.e.
Xi_TouchBegin, XI_TouchUpdate, XI_TouchEnd) handling and I have a
requirement to support X11 based application with multi-touch (i.e. pinch
and zoom use case with navigation) on top of compositor.

Layermanager X11 code:;a=blob;f=LayerManagerPlugins/Renderers/Graphic/src/WindowSystems/X11WindowSystem.cpp;h=cd6d5d4cfe0ab713b1d0cb61225fef1498cee454;hb=5e2f490b40b8b60a0efbd2b244be44d93bc081f6

I tried to add the support for Xinput 2 in layermanager but as there is no
way to send the XI events using XSendEvents, I am currently looking for
alternative way (or some hack) to make it work.

Could you please give your inputs, suggestion or ideas? Is this possible
(i.e bypassing someway the compositor for particular application for input
handling or modifying compositor or app for this purpose, but compositor
must be running)?

If you know some mailing list where I can discuss this, could you please

Thanks for your time.

Thanks & Regards,
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